Monday, December 20, 2010

BOBCFL: 1983 Custom Bella

A quick note before I start:  These kinds of posts are kinda the reason I started this blog.  Hopefully one day someone will stumble onto a bike in a barn, read "Stella" under the dust, punch it into google and learn a little more about it.  We live in such a golden age for bikes that I'm sure people will be looking back for answers for a long time to come.

A couple things about this bike.  Looks like a great second or third bike for someone into the era like me.  Not really sure WHY he threw in an XT headset vs the SR but only cuz it kills the complete group...  I personally think it matches pretty well and probably a good bit more durable being a mountain headset and all... A couple little areas of surface rust, I think they look great against the paint, and I have mixed feelings about the wheels, but the bike is way to small anyway so who cares what I think.
EDIT: and it appears this guy is a DYI'er without the tools judging buy those looong uncut cable housings that are both routed behind...  I'd give the whole bike a rebuild

Check these nice photos, this is a "Good" ad
"Custom Bella road bike, made by Ed Blank and sold from Laughing Alley Bicycle Shop, Allston MA, 1983. I am the original owner. The frame is made from Reynolds 531 double butted chromoly steel, Cinelli Criterium handlebars, Campagnolo Super Record Groupo minus the headset which was replaced with a Shimano Deore XT. Excellent condition. Includes various extra parts..derailuers, hubs, crankset etc. Clipless pedals were switched to my new bike, but I have black campagnolo pedals available. The frame measures 57 cm (I'm 70 in and it fits great). This bike has never been wrecked and very limited racing. Always stored indoors. Ideal for someone looking for a vintage road machine. After 27 yrs I've finally upgraded to a new machine. 
Serious inquiries only."


BOBCFL:1974 Holdsworth Super Mistral

Well here's a looker!  A '74 blue beauty with what appears to be an nice NR group.  I really love the long drop outs of the era.  I know they were obsolete these decades ago but aesthetically the long bent stripe of steel contrasting with the deep paint... it gets me.

And check that color coordinating, tape/seat matches headbadge/secondary color, nice.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BOBCFL: 1989 Huffy "Team-Issue Townie"

This bike is just dandy! DANDY!  It started out as a "Team Lowreys Huffy was built by Mike Melton" but now is some much more... eccentric.

I love if for its paint + Mavic starfish crankset and rd + Modolo brakes + good Shimano parts + IT IS A HUFFY! + my kind of cockpit

damn damn damn

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BOBCFL: 1992 Specialized Allez

This one's hitting all the right buttons for me.  Mutted up components, sharp color selection, and it's steel.  Plus I have a soft spot for the brand for some reason, probably because they commissioned Miyata for some of their work in the early eighties.

Nice fork from the looks of it as well.