Friday, February 25, 2011

Cycling Tips Excellent Handling Write Up

I learned something new!  Increased rake decreases trail... chimp fancy that!

Go and learn something.  Seriously the easiest handling write-up I've read in a long time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spotted the Cinelli Supercorsa

i stopped into Tailwind Bicycles yesterday evening to look for some odds and ends.  ended up stumbling upon the new Cinelli road lineup.

i gotta say their carbon bikes look great, but my attention soon turned to the new steel Supercorsa..  go to Cinelli's site if you want the nitty grity, but I really recommend you see them in the real world.  You'll know what i mean after your eyes go over the fork crown...

but one thing is for sure, they skimped on the finishing. chrome/vs paint is lackluster at best (and i checked out 2 completes) and the detailing around the lugs looked like afterthoughts.  not enough to make it a bad bike or something, just a stereotype perpetuating itself.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BOBCFL: 1971 Raleigh Professional Track

here's a bike so pretty i had to grab some pics.  make sure to check out the photo bucket for the other 20 something shots of this looker...

something was lost in the lugs when tubing diameter increased... if you ask me...

and for 2k the seller could have polished the chrome a little... seriously...  not a bad price but really...

i'm in love with early 70's raleighs

Monday, February 21, 2011

BOBCFL: 1987 Waterford Schwinn Paramount

I have a lot of love for these Michigan beauties...  from the good years of the Schwinn/Waterford relationship.

Awesome bikes, especially when compared to pretty much anything else in the era..

I am not sure why there aren't more on here, I'll soon remedy that!

nothing to see here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

BOBCFL: Fuji Touring Series V

Here's a rarer bird...  The 'Touring Series V' (aka 5) was Fuji's high end frame.  I am not as brushed up as I'd like to be on the whole fuji company history during the 80's, but I think they had their own manufacturing.  Regardless, the Fuji Professional (hi geoff) and this Series V were both spectacular examples of the great build quality/price ratio the Japanese were offering.  And an awesome price for this bike.

I'm sure the seller will have no issue with this sale.

\always makes me a little happier when i see a nice priced bike

A Campy SR Parts Lot...

Normally not my bag of tea but I think it's a good idea to establish what these parts are worth.  Right now is the perfect time to get an idea of a cycling related item's REAL worth, as demand is down with the temperature.

So I'ma copy and paste the ad text...  like so:

Vintage Campagnolo Super Record components from the late 1970's to early 1980's era. These components are all in excellent functional and cosmetic condition, great for a bike you intend to ride a lot, and also nice enough for a restoration bike that is going to hang on the wall.

Headset, minor markings no deep wrench marks, English or Italian thread, $100

Seatpost, two for sale, first 27.2mm, minor markings, grade 8.5 out of 10, $100, and 2nd, 26.8mm, even better condition, grade 9 of 10, $100

Brake calipers, short reach or long reach, recessed allen or hex nut mount, late type or early type, you choose the variety, grade 9 of 10, $125

Brake levers, no hoods, near perfect, grade 9 of 10, $75

Pedals, super leggeri model, small knicks on black cages, small scuffs on dust caps, grade 9 of10, $100

Crankset, like new, 170mm arms, 42-52 rings, $250 with original box

Bottom Brackets, new or used, Italian or English thread, $75-150

Rear Derailleur, minor marks on inside of pulley cage, $100

Front Derailleur, clamp on, small crank arm rub on outer cage, grade 7.5 of 10, $75

Hubs, low flange, 36 hole, 126mm rear spacing with original box, grade 8 of 10, $150

Shifters, braze on type, grade 9 of 10, $40; clamp on type, grade 9 of 10, $50

Call for details and frame compatability questions, Rob

Not sure if these are good deals, but i bet Rob loves a good haggle (best to assume everything on CL is negotiable, specially if the ad says 'firm')

BOBCFL: Walter Croll Road Frame

Price is on par for a great road frame in the NYC...   I am a big fan of Croll's work and he's on the short list of people I'd want to make me a road bike.  Here's a pretty purple one for $400.  Good price for a popular size, carbon fork, and you know it'll last

Friday, February 18, 2011

Swarm's Kickstarter Account goes live

$30 preorder gets you one of those awesome cnc'ed seatpost clamp/bottleopener and a sticker (!STICKERS!)

Plus they have some nice other packages too.  Support small business and click on through!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I see your

mid grade big bike and raise you one higher end big bike... at least higher end in 1979....

An early example of a 68cm Univega Gran Turismo.  Rumored to be miyata built, so if thats true the frame is probably a twin sister of a 610...

rumors and hearsay are promoted at this blog...

and i have it on good authority that lance armstrong is a post op tranny when the cameras aren't around

Friday, February 11, 2011


Today has been one of those good days!

bills paid, new coffee maker, close (amazingly talented) friend's gallery opening tonight, big bike ride tomorrow (and 50 degree weather!)

BOBCFL: Olmo Road


love these tight-wheel-based bikes.  love love love

here's a nice 70's example!

Extralight Rear Axle

I spotted this over at, here's a link to the full article.   Extralite’s new Hyper hubs are looking pretty sweet.  And they're Italian!

In what appears to be a thermal scan you can see how the axle was milled to specific widths depending on it's location.  I like this.

them thar some ballin hubs

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Santos and Boothby for Resist

Jakob Santos has become my favorite fgfs rider in the past month.  Here's another one of him and Josh Boothby for Resist.

RESIST PARTS: SANTOS BOOTHBY from jakob santos on Vimeo.

Klein Bikes

just click

This is a '92 and has internal HS.  hmm

another '92 mtb w/ track dropouts, carbon spynergy wheels, ISO bolted cog.  hmmm

it has all been done before.

Very impressive catalogue of some killer mtb's.  Paint!

nothing to see here

erk: C0 CE FE 84 C2 27 F7 5B D0 7A 7E B8 46 50 9F 93 B2 38 E7 70 DA CB 9F F4 A3 88 F8 12 48 2B E2 1B
riv: 47 EE 74 54 E4 77 4C C9 B8 96 0C 7B 59 F4 C1 4D
pub: C2 D4 AA F3 19 35 50 19 AF 99 D4 4E 2B 58 CA 29 25 2C 89 12 3D 11 D6 21 8F 40 B1 38 CA B2 9B 71 01 F3 AE B7 2A 97 50 19
R: 80 6E 07 8F A1 52 97 90 CE 1A AE 02 BA DD 6F AA A6 AF 74 17
n: E1 3A 7E BC 3A CC EB 1C B5 6C C8 60 FC AB DB 6A 04 8C 55 E1
K: BA 90 55 91 68 61 B9 77 ED CB ED 92 00 50 92 F6 6C 7A 3D 8D
Da: C5 B2 BF A1 A4 13 DD 16 F2 6D 31 C0 F2 ED 47 2

Sunday, February 6, 2011

BOBCFL: 1989 Cinelli Super Coursa

Here's a debatable price for a classico italiano.  Just wanted to put this up in case you were wondering if the Ron Cooper was a good buy.

BOBCFL: New Ron Cooper

Campy Chorus 10, new Neutron Wheels, and it's a Ron Cooper.  This is probably a couple people's dream bike.

So in case your wondering, it costs about $3000 to make dreams come through.  Not bad at all.  Nice price, nice bike.  Someone's going to be happy.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

BOBCFL: Raleigh Competition

Ad's a lil funny, showing superbe brakes but stating most the bike is campy...  but one can assume he replaced those as well, probably for the best considering most brakes from the period are frankly garbage.

ANYWAY,  it occurs to me I've never posted a Raleigh which is strange cuz I dig em.  The seller is in the right ballpark for the bike, especially considering the resale value of those parts for the most part.  I hope that doesn't happen because this bike looks like one hell of a rider.  I wonder if they ever did big boy runs of the higher end frames in the early eighties....  time to research!

Friday, February 4, 2011

BDB Pelican

Bike Dog Bikes, based in SF, sure knows how make a bike!  This is a lucky girl named Alice's new bike, and it sure is a looker!  Click through to check out the post, or go straight to the flickr

I had too look this saddle up.  It's a Gilles Berthoud Leather saddle in a cork finish...  simply stunning!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

BOBCFL: 1983 Trek 630

Or you get over your silly desire to have an expensive, Italian-wearing, eye catcher and buy this bike.  If anyone actually wanted my opinion, I'd take the $490 I was going to drop on the Clements and buy two of these

It's all love

BOBCFL: Ernie Clements

OK.  so you'll be all like 'Dude look at how much worse for wear the paint is'
i'll be all like 'Dude! Both are riders. Once the paints flawed in a couple spots, to a collector, it needs a respray.  Medici guy priced his bike in what many would consider collector's territory.  To turn either one of these bikes, the medici or the clements, they'd need a respray

Less than $325 in price (asking $490), around 1/3, and MUCH cooler pedals if you ask me.  Both in cali.  The cost of cleaning up medici's rusty fork (urban dictionary that one) would be the same as replacing the Clement's RD, And the stem and seatpost of the Clement's just needs a little elbow grease, prolly'll show ya how it's done.  And the rims on this Clements are pretty f'ing sweet.

But I digress

Ad Text:
64cm Ernie Clements, Reynolds 531, Campy, Fits TALL riders

This frame was designed by the world famous racer Ernie Clements (3 times British national road champion 1943, 1945, 1946, two Nationals seconds, and a Worlds and Olympic appearance.)

The frame features a lightweight Reynolds 531 frame, Reynolds 531 fork, nice steel lugs, and Campagnolo parts throughout including the hubs which are Engraved Campy, Campy headset, Campy Strada 175mm cranks, Campy derailers, and Campy friction shifters. The brake levers were upgraded to modern Shimano Rx100 aero brake levers for better control. The bike has a 100mm engraved Cinelli Stem & Cinelli Bars, Vintage Ambrosio white bar wrap. The bike has 12 speeds. Fits large riders aprox 6'3" to 6'6". The cross bar/ stand over is 35 3/4 inches high. The frame is measured square at 64cm x 64cm and the seat tube is a tall 66cm measured center to top. The frame is nice quality 531 tubes with pretty lugs and paint has has some small scratches, and the Clement logos are in decent shape, but peeling up a little bit in places. The Color is white and ocean blue, kind of a dark teal color. The saddle matches and is an Italian vintage blue Selle Suede model in good condition. The seat post is Campy fluted as well. The wheels are 700c clincher Mavic Open 4CD classic boxy style rims, and the quill pedals are nicer Japanese KKT Pro with XL silver cages and toe straps. $490 firm. 


BOBCFL: 1981 Medici Pro Strada

OK, read a couple of my past posts.... it's all cupcakes and rainbows....  i'm not in a cupcake and rainbows kind of mood

So here's an '81 Medici, dripping in campy nr, soaking in the california sun.  First let's start with some text and pics.

(everybody loves a longwinded pitch)

For sale is a 58cm Medici Pro Strada produced in 1981 or 1982 in Los Angeles California. The bike is made of Columbus SL double butted tubing with Rexart investment cast lugs and a beautiful deep metallic blue paint that shimmers beautifully in the sun. The fork is fully chromed and shows very little oxidation on the fork blades. There are really beautiful little details on the bike like painted yellow lug windows on the rear of the fork crown, headtube and seattube lugs and the inside of the lugs where the brake bridge is brazed to the seatstays. The bike itself is very responsive with a fairly short wheelbase and nice tight geometry, but is really comfortable to ride for many hours at a time.

There is a good amount of lore surrounding the Medici brand, as well as world class frame builders who have also been associated with the brand (Mario Confente, Faliero Masi and Brian Baylis). Medici’s seem to be broken down into classes in regards to their paint and build quality. If you are lucky, you got one that was produced on a “good day” for Gene Simonetti and Mike Howard (The Hair Bandit) at their shop in L.A. This bike was without a doubt produced on one of the good days by the looks of the high quality paint and overall construction of the bike.

There are no dents, dings or any sort of damage to the bike. There are however some small scratches from normal use present here and there, but nothing going down through the paint to the steel. The most chipped paint as you would probably guess is found on the drive side chain stay from dropping the chain and or general use. I have taken very good care of this bike since it has been in my possession, always stored indoors, never been ridden in the rain and always maintained properly. This bike needs nothing. This classic is absolutely ready to ride.

Email me for more info or for additional pics. Cash or PayPal and local pick up only please. Now for the lame stuff. If you’re a scammer don’t waste your time or mine because it’s not gonna happen.

Specs are as follows:

Frame and Fork: Columbus SL
Headset : Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Brakes : Campagnolo Nuovo Record with original yellow housing
Bottom Bracket : Campagnolo Nuovo Record (Italian threaded)
Crankset : 170mm Campagnolo Nuovo Record double with original dust caps. No hairline fractures present where the crank arm meets the spider
Deraileurs : Campagnolo Nuovo Record both front and rear (both have new cables less than one month old)
Shifters : Campagnolo Downtube shifters (friction only)
Pedals : Sorry no pedals are included
Hubs : 36 hole Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Skewers : Campagnolo
Rims : 36 hole silver Mavic Open Pros built 3x with DT Swiss 14g double butted spokes
Tires : Vittoria Zaffiros 700 x 25c about 200 miles on them
Freewheel : 6 speed Regina Oro
Chain : KMC
Dropouts : Horizontal chromed Campagnolo
Saddle : Viper
Seatpost : 27.2 Kalloy
Stem : 100mm 3t with Medici Pantograph
Bars : 40cm 3t Gran Prix with new Fizik tape

Top Tube : 57.5 c-t-c
Seat Tube : 57 c-t-c, 58 c-t-t
Headtube angle : 73°
Seattube angle : 73°

$825 OBO 

OK, first go up and click on the seat cluster, then come back

This seller better be willing to haggle based on this picture alone. he states:
There are no dents, dings or any sort of damage to the bike. There are however some small scratches from normal use present here and there, but nothing going down through the paint to the steel. The most chipped paint as you would probably guess is found on the drive side chain stay from dropping the chain and or general use. I have taken very good care of this bike since it has been in my possession, always stored indoors, never been ridden in the rain and always maintained properly. This bike needs nothing.
But you can clearly see what looks like a stress chip in the corner of that seat lug.  and look at the wear on this seat.  and for fork is pitted. and wear on the top tube near the crown.  and look at that scratch on the seat tube.... looks pretty deep to me.  It's obvious this bike is a rider, which is a good thing in my opinion.  But as a rider it is really out of it's fair price range.  I'll go on to prove my point in some coming posts, but this is me being honest.  I understand 'it's cali' and 'it's campy' and hype hype hype but 4/5's of a g is too much.

i'm not here to make friends. just sayin