Thursday, February 3, 2011

BOBCFL: Ernie Clements

OK.  so you'll be all like 'Dude look at how much worse for wear the paint is'
i'll be all like 'Dude! Both are riders. Once the paints flawed in a couple spots, to a collector, it needs a respray.  Medici guy priced his bike in what many would consider collector's territory.  To turn either one of these bikes, the medici or the clements, they'd need a respray

Less than $325 in price (asking $490), around 1/3, and MUCH cooler pedals if you ask me.  Both in cali.  The cost of cleaning up medici's rusty fork (urban dictionary that one) would be the same as replacing the Clement's RD, And the stem and seatpost of the Clement's just needs a little elbow grease, prolly'll show ya how it's done.  And the rims on this Clements are pretty f'ing sweet.

But I digress

Ad Text:
64cm Ernie Clements, Reynolds 531, Campy, Fits TALL riders

This frame was designed by the world famous racer Ernie Clements (3 times British national road champion 1943, 1945, 1946, two Nationals seconds, and a Worlds and Olympic appearance.)

The frame features a lightweight Reynolds 531 frame, Reynolds 531 fork, nice steel lugs, and Campagnolo parts throughout including the hubs which are Engraved Campy, Campy headset, Campy Strada 175mm cranks, Campy derailers, and Campy friction shifters. The brake levers were upgraded to modern Shimano Rx100 aero brake levers for better control. The bike has a 100mm engraved Cinelli Stem & Cinelli Bars, Vintage Ambrosio white bar wrap. The bike has 12 speeds. Fits large riders aprox 6'3" to 6'6". The cross bar/ stand over is 35 3/4 inches high. The frame is measured square at 64cm x 64cm and the seat tube is a tall 66cm measured center to top. The frame is nice quality 531 tubes with pretty lugs and paint has has some small scratches, and the Clement logos are in decent shape, but peeling up a little bit in places. The Color is white and ocean blue, kind of a dark teal color. The saddle matches and is an Italian vintage blue Selle Suede model in good condition. The seat post is Campy fluted as well. The wheels are 700c clincher Mavic Open 4CD classic boxy style rims, and the quill pedals are nicer Japanese KKT Pro with XL silver cages and toe straps. $490 firm. 


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