Friday, March 18, 2011

Video: Buc XC

This is a fun watch.  Try not to cringe at 2:29.  I dare you.

BUCS 2011 X.C Carnage! from Joe Bowman on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How H+Son Makes their rims

super awesome watch.  newfound respect for their rims

BOBCFL: 1980's Bottecchia Campione del Mondo

and now for something really sweet
every time i see a bottecchia i think of my main man b-det and his poor bottecchia frame...  he rattle canned it, ground off the cable guides, and then beat the shit outta it.  good memories from those days :)

anyway, this bike looks GREAT GREAT GREAT.  digging the red tape, black stem, white frame, red tyres combo (so much i might cop that for a mountain bike build)

and fair price, especially for LA.

mnm mm, do want

BOBCFL: Raleigh Competition GS

and now to prove my point about how that last post was smoking crack.  here's a raleigh comp gs listed for $50 more than that updated POS:

dripping with nuevo record, a hidden bolt dura ace stem, new wheels

awesome buy for whoever picks this sweet british babe up!

BOBCFL: 1980's Mercian Crack Pipe

and now for something with a little bit more baking soda in it:

ok, i'll make a guess as to what's happening right here.
a (19-25) male human got this bike from a bike church, parents, or found it.
he googled 'mercian' and was like 'oh shit money!'
went about 'fixing it up' with new parts that he ordered online.
didn't realize what he was getting into ordering new parts.
spent way too much.
road it around and was like 'blegh'
now trying to sell the bike for much more than it's worth.

seriously, $400 is what you would get if this was in perfect, original condition.  i'm sure you'd spend that much buying those parts from performance or whatever, but it still doesn't make it worth it.

those bullhorns are stupid.

BOBCFL: XL Pedersen Commuter

I see these pop up time to time on the bobish list but have yet to see one in real life outside of a museum.  these wacky bike always pop up on the left coast for decent prices (because most times they are equipped with baller shit).  this bike has a pretty sweet setup with an 8 speed dura ace drivetrain to phil hubs, with full racks and a nice seat.  $1600 sounds a little high to me but what do i know?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

DiNuccie Cycles BIS Detail Shot

Just awestruck and wanted to share.... view the rest over at their blog

BOBCFL: 1980's Guerciotti

i don't know what to think... i love hate the paint, it's probably pretty crappy.  the components (suntour and campagnolo) are probably worth it... but if i had to guess i'd say those are 27" wheels...  hopefully the price is because of it's size and some short little luckball will walk away with a good deal!

BOBCFL: 1994 Bridgestone RB-1

here's a real RB-1, one that's been raced.  it's smaller, and it seems to carry a story of love that changes hands... so there's that.

but NOS drivetrain, good paint, and low owners make it an awesome bike.  prices seem to be the highest ever this year, so i guess it's on par for the current market.  bike bubble?

Friday, March 4, 2011

BOBCFL: Makino Track Frameset

here's a beaut out of TX.  I don't know much about makinos, but this guy sure does have a great bike!  doesn't look like it's been ridden too hard, but i don't know if that a fair price either...  still purdy enough to grab all his pics!

dude put his phone number on the ad so i'ma just c&p his text instead.

***Makino NJS track frame set BEAUTIFUL *** - $935 (Knox Henderson GSS)

I am selling a great track frame set (frame, fork, headset.. I have some other parts I can sell for pretty cheap to make the bike complete)
-Makino NJS
-small - measures 52 cm center to top
-in great condition. no dents, paint is showing very minor wear
-Columbus Genius tubing
-amazing blue sparkle paint with great lug work (yellow accents)
-120 rear spacing
-27.2 seat tube diameter 

BOBCFL: 90's Rock Lobster CX

Since my significant other and i are about to take on her first build, which will be a nashbar X cyclocross frame, i'm paying more attention to that arena of cycling.   here's an awesome rock lobster cx build with oldschool mafac cantis...  which stop as well as butter on a jamaican tin roof

still ballin

BOBCFL: Team Issue Huffy Towny Repeat

here's my first repeat! posted this bike a while ago in december, and here is the same one (probably the same seller) for $195 less than what they were orignally asking...  interesting...

probably the wheels and components, because the frame is the hotness!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shimano's New Cyclocross Components: CX70's and CX50's has the scoop on shimano's new CX grouppos.  A double crankset or two here, a front derailleur or four there.  they look pretty darn good and all, but really what piqued my interest are these CX70 cantis.  the pr says that these are CX specific, but i'll be damned if these things wouldn't work great as a front pair on a touring bike...

can't wait to see these in the real world!  hopefully these 105 and ultergra level grouppos sell well enough to warrant a CX90 line!

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