Thursday, March 10, 2011

BOBCFL: 1980's Mercian Crack Pipe

and now for something with a little bit more baking soda in it:

ok, i'll make a guess as to what's happening right here.
a (19-25) male human got this bike from a bike church, parents, or found it.
he googled 'mercian' and was like 'oh shit money!'
went about 'fixing it up' with new parts that he ordered online.
didn't realize what he was getting into ordering new parts.
spent way too much.
road it around and was like 'blegh'
now trying to sell the bike for much more than it's worth.

seriously, $400 is what you would get if this was in perfect, original condition.  i'm sure you'd spend that much buying those parts from performance or whatever, but it still doesn't make it worth it.

those bullhorns are stupid.

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