Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off Topic: My aunt's newest published works

My father's sister, Margaret Menges, is an amazingly talented woman.  I'm talkin theater, musical instruments, writing, and teaching while still raising to great guys who I'm lucky enough to call cousins.  Her latest collection of poems has been released. 

Her website is located here, I implore you to check it out

BOBCFL: 2000 Mikkelsen Road Bike

I'll be honest and say that at this point in my life I'm not really attracted to dedicated road bikes.  Well at least since the birth of the 'modern' drivetrains (call me simple).

Buuuut I've heard good things about the builder, the price should induce interest, the miles are low, and the top tube ain't sloped!  And I like yellow bikes.  I'm pretty sure that whole sloping trend was really started by *insert major brand hear* to save some money on tubing when Aluminum shot through the roof after 2002.  It more than doubled over 2 years, cyclists are notoriously curious (and thus gullible), and the arguments for it's benefits are as shaky as a base head.

oh wait. it gives you a lower center of gravity and limits your large chainring size which somehow makes you go faster... which is what it's all about right?


Peugeot Concept B1K

I peeped this post over at the Bicycle Design blog and it really peaked my interest.  Apparently the brand is launching again which could be great.  Either way, the concept they have produced it pretty out there.

Following that whole "there will be no spokes in the future" jazz I bring you the B1K


James T. does a great write up as always and is definitely worth checking out over at his blog.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

BOBCFL: 1992 Bridgestone MB-1

Wow talk about a cool group.  It may not have the fancy bi-plane fork but there's no need, these bikes are awesome.  I'm sure that asking price ($450) is a little more than the seller expects to get in the dead of winter but about on par for that year's MB-1.

BOBCFL: 1980's Miyata Pro Track Frame

Well looky here! Looks to be mid 80's, in 9/10 condition, and simply beautiful.  Defiantly a covet machine.  Hope it finds a good home.

 And cuz I'm such a nice guy, I grabbed the nice high res shots that were in this ad


Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick FBM Custom outta Aussy: Backbone x Nike

Check that paint!  Man That's a beautiful bike.

More pictures at their blog

Bilenky Bikes Interview

Today I went to Bilenky Bikes and spoke with Stephen Bilenky about sitting down for an informal interview in 2 weeks (Sunday the 14th of Feb).  He agreed and so now I'm preparing questions.  If you the reader have any questions you'd like to ask a builder of his stature please shoot me an email @

And stay tuned for a review of the work his shop performed on my 1983 Specialized Expedition (replaced seatpost binder, respace, and paint).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

BOBCFL: 1983 Miyata Pro

Not much to say other than I covet the hell outta this bike and the people who fit on it. 

TrickTrack Refresh

TrickTrack has definately moved into the future with their new layout.  I have a soft spot for basic html pages and hate to see the old one go but change is something you have to accept right?

I'm glad that sight is taking off cuz the community, content, and overall atmosphere can't be beat.  If you wanna learn how to have some fun on your fixed go there and get an education!

BOBCFL: 1970's (?) Jean Pierre Danguallaume

From the bountiful collections of the left coast comes this rare bird.  For the most part I dislike french bikes cuz of the headaches they bring in their restoration.

But those problems take a back seat to the beauty of this bike.  The 700c spacing helps a bunch too, and I'm in love with whatever that drilled chainring/crank combo is.  And those levers!  Modollo I suspect but am probably wrong.

And the paint rocks.  $400 is certainly fair!

BOBCFL: 1983 Fuji America

Wow what a crankset!  That's a Sugino Mighty Tour... pretty rare and thus desirable!  @ $225 this thing is a steal!

Fuji:  One of the most underated of the early 80's.  They just chose the wrong direction (case in point: side pull's instead of canti's on their top tourer).

Here's that catalog page linked

BOBCFL: 1990's Faggin Track

Posting this Faggin frame cuz of it's eccentric spacing in the rear (110mm dropouts?)  Great bikes but I vote no on that paint.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BOBCFL: 1980's Miyata Pista in LA

One of my "dream bikes" but sadly none were produced in my size that I know of.  Looks to be in great condition so $700 is fair, especially with the grouppo

A Couple Definitions: BOBish Bikes CL Finds (BOBCLF) Segments and My Builds Segments

I'm a part of a couple email groups that focus on sharing BOBish Bikes (< S. Brown will let you know if you don't already) that pop up on eBay and Craigslist.  I'll be calling them 'BOBCFL' posts to keep the name short.

I'm going to be posting screen captures of bikes that catch my eye as well as the location and asking price to help people research bikes over time.  If you want the direct feed go sign up to the BOBishBikesFS Yahoo group

Also I'll be putting up 'My Builds' post focusing on my little projects.  I'm currently building an 68cm 1983 Specialized Expedition from the ground up.  It is currently at Bilenky Bikes getting a quick repair and respacing of the rear dropouts, then some paint to cover up the work.  I'll be posting the progress as it happens.

Cheers and thanks for dropping by

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pake's Ol' Reliable gets a major refresh

Here's the direct link to their post with all the detail but here's the jist:
1 1/8" Steerer (can't argue with that!)
Bunch of new colors, but the only one that matters is the NEON YELLOW BLACK FAAAAAAADE.  Queue your favorite Nishiki or Panasonic bathed in dayglow. +1 Pake
Unicrown straight fork, which should speak for itself but I'll put in my 2 cents:  CRAP . But you can still cop the nice old lugged crown in purple (limited)

Overall I still have a soft spot for this brand.  One has to respect the decisions made to keep the business a business.  I'd be proud to have a earlier run of these frames (never made my size though) just to beat up and the new update looks like it will continue to walk that fine line between value and urban outfitters.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Maiden Post: A mission statement

Thanks for stopping by. I am your humble host Housing. I've decided to enter the foray of these new fangled things called 'blogs'.

This blog is devoted to bikes and more importantly cyclist. At this point you may wonder "why the hell is it called 'the jason alexander army'?" My answer to you is to stop asking questions. He's an awesome actor. That's it.

In the future I'll be posting things bout bikes. New bikes, old bikes, making bikes, breaking bikes, and fixing bikes. Also I'm plan on doing to some interviews with the people who make it all happen. Stay tuned!

I leave you now with this: