Sunday, January 31, 2010

BOBCFL: 2000 Mikkelsen Road Bike

I'll be honest and say that at this point in my life I'm not really attracted to dedicated road bikes.  Well at least since the birth of the 'modern' drivetrains (call me simple).

Buuuut I've heard good things about the builder, the price should induce interest, the miles are low, and the top tube ain't sloped!  And I like yellow bikes.  I'm pretty sure that whole sloping trend was really started by *insert major brand hear* to save some money on tubing when Aluminum shot through the roof after 2002.  It more than doubled over 2 years, cyclists are notoriously curious (and thus gullible), and the arguments for it's benefits are as shaky as a base head.

oh wait. it gives you a lower center of gravity and limits your large chainring size which somehow makes you go faster... which is what it's all about right?


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