Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pake's Ol' Reliable gets a major refresh

Here's the direct link to their post with all the detail but here's the jist:
1 1/8" Steerer (can't argue with that!)
Bunch of new colors, but the only one that matters is the NEON YELLOW BLACK FAAAAAAADE.  Queue your favorite Nishiki or Panasonic bathed in dayglow. +1 Pake
Unicrown straight fork, which should speak for itself but I'll put in my 2 cents:  CRAP . But you can still cop the nice old lugged crown in purple (limited)

Overall I still have a soft spot for this brand.  One has to respect the decisions made to keep the business a business.  I'd be proud to have a earlier run of these frames (never made my size though) just to beat up and the new update looks like it will continue to walk that fine line between value and urban outfitters.

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