Friday, February 19, 2010

BOBCFL: 1980's Miyata 615 Shorty

Another rare bird!  24" front wheeled 615?!  I didn't know they offered that!  45cm tourer!  COOOOOL

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CLAotW: 1978 Austro Damlier Vent Noir II (Richmond)

 This one you should just read.  Really nice to find one of these popping up.  I'm gunna bold what Sheldon Brown had to say, cuz it's that interesting:


1978 Austro Damlier Vent Noir II 56cm Full Campy Gran Sport Gruppo - $900 (Richmond)

This is a 1978 Austro Daimler Vent Noir II in excellent original condition. (I am not 100 percent positive about the year but AD only made this model for three years and I think this one is a 78, later ones were normally equipped with Shimano) The only deviations from the original build are the following: new brown leather bar tape, new tires, new saddle, and new brake pads. It is fully equipped with Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport group. I had it professionally restored and overhauled by a vintage bicycle mechanic in town. The finish is a gorgeous gray-silver chrome coined "smoked chrome" by Austro Daimler that you really must see in person in the sunlight to truly appreciate. The Vent Noir (means night wind or dark wind) is so named because of its dark or "smoked" chromium finish. These are beautiful riding bikes given their nicely lugged Reynolds 531 frames. Sheldon Brown who worked for AD had this to say about the Vent Noir's finish

"The company also introduced the Vent Noir. A step below the Team frameset, it had a very unique feature. The frame went through a "secret process" which made it impervious to scratches. It was not painted. From what we could tell, it was hard-chromed (the type of chrome you use on engine crankshaft journals, not the kind for hubcaps), and then some sort of anodizing on top. You could take a knife or a file, and you couldn't scratch it. The factory never did tell us what they did. But it worked!
I left Steyr-Daimler-Puch of America in 1980, as the moped market was on the decline. I left the industry at that time."

Bars and stem are Cinelli Olymian, Zefal Leather toe Straps, all other components are Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport in excellent working condition. All dust caps, cable housings, bushings, bearings etc are original and pristine

To save my own time, I'll let the pictures speak for the bike, with a little research you can find out a lot of information on this rare bike. 


Monday, February 15, 2010

BOBCFL: 1940's (?) Bugatti Touring Sport

Not much to say about this.  Probably super rare.  Awesome rear rack that matches the paint.  Decent price for a classic like this.

BOBCFL: 1990 Bottecchia Sprint

Another one from the great cold state.  This Bottecchia has been restored and appears to be in very good condition.  A price like this would be a steal in any other locale.  Someone should really start moving these to the coast.

BOBCFL: 1980's Team Miyata

 The rare bird flies out west today!  Talk about a museum piece!  Thanks B-Det, you da man!

Friday, February 12, 2010

BOBCFL: Late 70's Early 80's(?) Motobecane LeChampion

Here's another nice find.  This time it's a French bike (ew la la) with heritage, class, and looks to kill.  Another plus is that it is complete because restoring a french bike is akin to water boarding in terms of sourcing the correct parts.    This LeChampion is a really really nice bike.

Remember when the name Motobecane used to mean something?

BOBCFL: 1980's Romic Track

Here we go!  This ad is a winner.  One really good picture of the bike, clean description, doesn't jip on the wheels, and the price is right.  Out of Houston this Romic comes screaming BUY ME!  Especially with that neat little grouppo (super pista cranks = street credzz).  This is sure to make someone happy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BOBCFL: Rossin Ghibli Bike

Unusually high price for Denver but I'm guessing this thing is worth it... being NOS and all.  But it's a Rossin, it's dripping in gorgeous paint, and is adorned with lovely components...

But wait! What's that hiding in that body of the text?!  NASHBAR Hubs?  Time to do some diggin, I've never heard of them.  One can only assume that they were of higher quality judging by the rest of the bike.  I knew Nashbar made some decent frames, but components?!

BOBCFL: Italvega

Ugh this ad makes me sad.  OK cool, Italvega, I really like those bikes.  OK, it has orignal Campy parts, OK, it's 63cm.
BUT No details as to what campy group, the size of the wheels, cost $150 for thosewheels (what?), or any other indication to let us know any real details about that model.  Just for reference, $500 for a good condition Italvega is worth it hands down but this bike... mmm the lack of detail in the ad makes me doubt it's condition.

/or it could be a dream find, who knows?!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Awesome edit from lockedcog: "Totally Kickin' it Bro"

totally kickin' bro. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

via Lockedcog via Vimeo

BOBCFL: 1987 Trek Pro

Here's a rare bird right here in Philly!  I've never seen one of these Trek Pro's in real life, but here's a link to the catalog page with its info.

Bike Jerks' Stayer Bike Photos

See more here!

Prolly's quick look at Jack Taylors

Good quick read about 3 of the earlier Taylor models.  Back when a track bike was built for 'grass or cinder' tracks.  Wonder if you can do barspinzzzz on dat frame.

Click here to get an education

BOBCFL: Mike Kowal Custom Road

While it's a shame the pictures aren't any nicer, the bike is made by a classical English frame builder and decked out in Campy.  Fair price indeed!

BOBCFL: 1990's MB-1 Custom

Wow this is a great build at a great price! Bi-plane Ritchey fork (1), Surly 2x2 hub, 987 canti's, and IT'S AN MB-1! Portland how I envy your craigslist.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Don Walker's Sick New Blog

Yes yes!  A modern builder that captures my heart!   And he's showing off his 'in progress' work!  Check it out here

BOBCFL: 1990's MB-1

Great deal on this baby.  Note the liberal application of stickers, worn down grips, and beat up fenders.  Instant street cred for a low low price!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BOBCFL: Santana Tandem

This is a great deal for a Santana Tandem!  Outta South Florida.  $500 is a steal

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BOBCFL: Rossin Road Frame

Wow that is one hell of a paint job!  This would make a great restoration project!  Price is fair for 2nd owner in perfect condition

Monday, February 1, 2010

CL Ad of the Week

Coming from ma man Bdet in CO

2010 Nashbar Singlespeed 29er Mountain Bike

Just peeped this bike.

Kinda tempting huh?  I wouldn't mind beating that thing up at all!  For $400 you get a pretty good deal.  Single speed setup w/ the rear horizontal drops, disc brakes, fat tires, and basement parts.  If you're looking to start getting into MTB's (like I am) or want to try a niner I'd really give this bike a lot of thought.


BOBCFL: 2004 Retrotec Frameset w/ Parts

What a wild bike!  I really dig this frame.  Plus the parts that it comes with this makes a good deal for a relatively young do-all-but-tour bike.

BOBCFL: 1980's Stowe Phase 3 Road Frameset


Now this is a road bike I can get behind!  The yellow helps sway it, plus that beautiful classical styled lugwork.  Plus it comes from the town where I was born in the decade I was born.  Sweet frame!

BOBCFL: 1990's Colnago Conic

Another road bike that fails to get any emotion out of this rider.  I guess the grouppo and the name recognition is what makes these prices so high.