Friday, February 19, 2010

BOBCFL: 1980's Miyata 615 Shorty

Another rare bird!  24" front wheeled 615?!  I didn't know they offered that!  45cm tourer!  COOOOOL


  1. mark, i love the blog.

  2. Ok, here's a followup from the person who ended up actually buying this bike! was looking for a pic on google to show someone and found this. First of all, it fits better than any bike I've tried (I'm about 5'2) and rides like a dream...real smooth.

    few things to note:

    - stock tires (!) crumbled after about 200 miles they were quickly replaced
    -the gearing is kind of easy for a strong rider on level ground, but is perhaps a bit too hard for mountains. also biopace took a bit to get used to, not bad, just different
    - the steering is super twitchy due to the small front wheel. woah boy. I almost downed the bike a couple times fishtailing before getting the hang of it. it's second nature now. just good to know in case anyone's trying out a bike with a front 24.

    Anyway... LOVE this bike!