Thursday, January 13, 2011

Allcity' Def Wish FGFS Frame: A new standard

Full Disclosure: I've never owned a FGFS frame, can hardly ride backwards, and have never done a 180.  So this is all the waxing and waning of a keyboard cowboy....

This thing looks amazing, first the hard numbers:
Mid BB
45/45 Internal headset (!)
14mm Axle (!)
29"x2.0" tire clearance or 700x51mm in a real usable metric(!)
$360 for frame only

Check the detail shots on their blog
But all the details on this bike look amazing.  I'm weak in the knees for that BB, the gussets looks AWESOME, and that rear is something else.  They raise a great point with their stance on dimpling and they've managed to avoid it without looking like a 1950's Sears bike.

I bet B-Rev will be grabbing a couple, can't wait to see this in person!

Way to go All-City, it looks like you just set the bar!

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