Friday, January 14, 2011

BOBCFL: Marzano Track Frame

Here's one of those small Italian frame builders that stay small.  The only info a google search turned up was a blurb from the forums by a guy named Ciocc99:
"and the only historical backround i could gather was that the shop was founded in naples in 1950 by pietro marzano and was taken over by his son in the 1980's and is currently run by his grandchildren."

But there are a couple of frame floating around the boards and each one of them looks very well made... barring the "small time" Italian shop paint jobs which are just pretty much always of a poor quality.

This one appears to be from the 80's judging by the lugs,  w/ chrome on the stays but not underneath (again just guessing from the crappy cl photo)

After a good haggle this frame could be quite the snag for someone!

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